SOFTY is a Mobile and Computer Digital Accessories Brand under NOBLES NEXTT in Chennai India. Which was founded in 2004, Nobles Nextt started their Brand SOFTY in 2010, at Present our product reached throughout India by our Distributors. The Main Aim is to provide best Quality Product with new Revelation and latest design. We want to establish our Brand in market as a unique Product and give more attention on Quality, Safety of Device and Competitive Price.

Softy focus on Providing Best Product with Warranty Assurance and Product making with Professionalism, Honesty, Famous, and Integrity. Positioned in the brand concept of youth, passion, fashion and happiness, we combine the practicality and creativity of our products with the perfect color and shape.

 Product focus on R&D of Mobile Cases, IPad Cases, USB Cables, Home Charger, Power Bank, Headset, Wireless Headphone, Bluetooth Speaker, Car Charger, Backpack, Tempered Glass etc..,

All Products Environment Friendly


S – Safety

O – Outstanding

F – Familiar

T – Technology

Y – Yours